Reviewer Praise

Booth disarmingly escorts readers through her painful days and sleepless nights. This book is filled with important discoveries described with engaging candour.
– John Helliwell, editor of the World Happiness Report and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of British Columbia

Claire Booth’s debut book The Achiever Fever Cure is a lively and candid account of successes and setbacks, missteps and happy accidents.
– Vancouver Sun Book Review by Brett Josef Grubisic

Claire Booth has a riveting story for us all. For all of us overworked, over stimulated, goal-addled human beings, Booth shows us a way back to life worth living.
– Walter Sutton, CEO coach and author of Leap of Strength

In a world obsessed by hyper-productivity, it’s all too easy to become hooked on chasing the next accomplishment without ever finding fulfillment. Founder and CEO of her own successful market research company, Claire Booth was driven by ambition and competition, yet plagued by feelings of inadequacy and a sense that she was never enough despite her constant striving. Booth calls this condition “achiever fever.” Recognizing that it was making her miserable, Booth set herself on quest to find relief and cool the heat.

The Achiever Fever Cure is the story of Booth’s journey, which takes her on some illuminating excursions into psychology, behavioural economics, neuroscience, meditation and even Kung Fu. Throughout the book, Booth weaves her findings from a survey of high-achieving North American professionals on their attitudes and experiences with their inner critic, anxiety and the need for control; evidence that she is not alone in her suffering.

The Achiever Fever Cure is a frank, funny and inspiring story of a road to recovery where Booth discovers a more joyful and purposeful life, one that also turns out to be good for business.

published by LifeTree Media

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