Claire’s presentations are a mix of personal stories, exercises discussed in the book (such as Byron Katie’s The Work) and survey data gathered from hundreds of high achievers. She speaks to a wide variety of audiences, from keynoting national conferences of 500+ attendees to leading small, interactive workshops with CEO and Executive Forums.

Depending on length and format, her presentations cover:

  • Diagnosing Achiever Fever and the five-step cure
  • Vulnerability as a critical leadership tool
  • Understanding and managing the Inner Critic
  • Using inquiry to dissolve the stories we tell ourselves
  • The myth of control and how to let go

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Speaking Demo


Kathy Troupe
Program Director | ACETECH

Claire Booth opened the ACETECH Whistler Summit and captivated an audience of 130 tech CEOs with her personal stories. Her transparency and complete vulnerability resonated strongly with this group of high achievers making it possible for them to open up about their own challenges. Claire is dynamic, full of energy and an absolute delight to work with. I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

Andrea Stubbs
IABC 2019 Annual Conference (International Conference of Business Communicators)
Conference Chair

Claire delivered a high impact, meaningful and thought engaging keynote session. Her research and content is timely, intriguing and important for everyone who is striving to balance work, life and expectations for both in this modern age.

Carol Borghesi
Customer Strategist/Speaker, Former SVP Telus

I followed Claire as a speaker. As they say in showbiz, a hard act to follow. Thanks so much Claire, for your courage, your clarity and your concern for others that led you to write your book. Powerful stuff.

Lisa Martin
Founder of FLOURISH for Female Leaders

Claire Booth has an exquisite talent for storytelling. Her vulnerability, presence and straight-shooting style had the FLOURISH LIVE audience captivated from start to finish. I highly recommend Claire as a keynote speaker.

Charles Chang
President and Founder, Lyra Growth Partners Inc.
Founder, Vega

Claire spoke at our annual conference in a room filled with successful entrepreneurs. Claire was not only extremely knowledgeable, but she was also highly engaging and very interactive. She was able to relate and connect with the audience in a vulnerable way. Our only regret was not having more time available for Claire, as we could have listened to her all day long! Thanks, Claire!

Sara Panton
Co-founder and CEO, Vitruvi

Claire’s insights were a phenomenal reminder to look inward and her presentation provided self-reflection that was beneficial for both myself and my company.

Peter Reek
Founder and CEO, Smart Savvy + Associates

Claire kicked off the evening with a bang and delivered an insightful and meaningful presentation on managing our inner critic. Claire was definitely a crowd favorite and I would recommend adding her to your speaking roster without hesitation.

Matias Marquez
Founder and COO at Buyatab Online

Claire delivered a brilliant keynote for our annual client summit. She drew on key concepts from her book The Achiever Fever Cure and she educated our audience on the various biases they are impacted by on a daily basis. Claire’s energy and passion really stood out and I would highly recommend her.

Joe Kelly
Project Change Foundation

Claire is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker who weaves heart-felt personal stories with practical research findings to engage her audience on an emotional and rational level.

(Anonymous attendee feedback from Smart Savvy event)

“It’s like Claire was inside my head!! Inspiring evening, it resonated with me so much” ; “Claire was excellent. Energetic, candid, insightful and thought provoking” ; “Claire was wonderful – easy to listen to and engaging in her story!”

Claire’s recent speaking engagements include:

Keynote at Elle Magazine Inspires Conference, Toronto
Keynote at ACETECH Conference for Tech CEOs, Whistler
Keynote at Annual Pacific Coast Builders Conference, San Francisco
Keynote at the Flourish Conference for Female Leaders, Vancouver
Keynote at IABC Annual Canada West Conference, Banff
Keynote at Young Entrepreneurs Symposium, Vancouver
Keynote Speaker at The CEO Network Annual Retreat, Banff
Fireside Chat with LinkedIn Canada Executives, Toronto
Speaker at MacKay CEO Forums (Vancouver, Multiple)
An Evening with Claire Booth, McNally Robinson, Winnipeg
An Evening with Claire Booth, Banyan Books, Vancouver
Toronto City Hall Speakers Series, Toronto
Speaker at “Living Your Best Life” Annual Conference, UBC Vancouver
Keynote at Smart + Savvy’s Leader Lounge, Vancouver
Speaker at MarketMix, Puget Sound Marketing Association, Seattle
Speaker at Lean In Canada: Women in Entrepreneurship, Vancouver


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