CTV Morning Live
CTV News – What is Achiever Fever

The Social (CTV)
How to achieve your goals without the pressure

Global BC News at Noon

Slow Down Without Losing Your Professional Edge

The Marilyn Denis Show (CTV)

This successful author and CEO shares why being an over achiever can actually be harmful


North Shore News
North Van author’s new book helps cure ‘achiever fever’

City News 1130
Stop “striving yourself crazy,” Vancouver entrepreneur warns

Vancouver Sun
Overachiever wants to help others kick their inner critic to the curb
Book review: ‘Me-searching’ that urgent need for constant productivity

The Elephant Journal
A 4-Step Cure for the “Achiever Fever.”

Authority Magazine
Uncover and listen to the quiet, confident, inner voice deep in your stomach

Live Happy
5 Ways to Break Your Achiever Fever


The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn (Jump to 38:35)
How to stop striving and start enjoying life

The Aaron Rand Show (CJAD 800)
Vancouver Co-op Radio


The one you feed – Claire Booth on Curing Achiever Fever

Face 2 Face with David Peck

Episode 425: Claire Booth & The Achiever Fever Cure

People are the Plan Podcast – Smart Savvy + Associates

smart – episode 04: The Cure for the Achiever Fever

Peak Energy4 Performance with Jody Kennet – Episode 12

The challenges of Being an ‘A’ personality explored in new book by Claire Booth –

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