The Achiever Fever Cure

Tired of feeling unhappy and stressed out despite her numerous accomplishments, Claire Booth undertook a personal research project to uncover the cause of her distress. During her quest for a more joyful life, she uncovered meaningful insights that helped her find satisfaction in herself. In The Achiever Fever Cure, she shares her journey so that you, too, can attain the inner peace that’s been missing from your life.

If you’re always looking for ways to maximize your productivity yet you’re never able to enjoy the fruits of your achievements, this book will help you understand how you can let go of striving to appreciate life’s most enduring rewards.

With The Achiever Fever Cure, Claire aims to help you quiet that relentless critical voice we all have in our heads so that you can lead a life of joy and fulfillment, while staying on top of your professional game.

The Achiever Fever Cure will be available January 22, 2019.

published by LifeTree Media

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