About Claire

Claire Booth was a successful but stressed-out market research entrepreneur and executive suffering from what she calls “achiever fever”— constant striving coupled with chronic feelings of inadequacy. Sick and tired of feeling miserable, self-help skeptic Booth decides to try anything that might bring relief, from mindfulness to martial arts, from spending ten days in silence to “smiling” at her spleen. At first, Booth is fearful that slowing down and softening up will mean losing her professional edge. Instead, she discovers a more joyful and purposeful life, one that also turns out to be good for business.

Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She is the founder and CEO of market research firm Lux Insights, with two decades of experience serving some of the world’s most recognized brands. She teaches at the UBC Sauder School of Business, is a Board Director at cutting-edge theatre The Cultch and is a Big Sister. In her spare time, Claire swims with the NorthShore Masters team and is a long-time member of the CCC climbing group at Base 5. Originally from the Prairies, she lives with her partner, Chris, in North Vancouver, Canada.

Public Speaking

Looking for an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker? Claire delivers dynamic presentations on personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and motivating talks on bouncing back from burnout.

Stop striving and start thriving

If you’re sick of chasing accomplishments, yet constantly feeling you’re not doing enough, this book is the remedy to your “achiever fever.”

  • Grounded in research into driven professionals like you
  • Candid and relatable
  • Real tools to help you stress less and enjoy life more

The Achiever Fever Cure will be available January 22, 2019.

Published by LifeTree Media

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